Wednesday, 5 January 2011

News from Mancunia

I always liked Kolo, he was part of the Invincibles and always seemed to try his best, until Gallas came along and pissed him off along with a bout of Malaria that changed his performance levels. So I was happy to see him tussling with Adebayawn.
For having a pop at the pompous self inflated oafish Adepaymore he deserves a warm round of applause tonight. Unfortunately big mouth Balotelli is not playing tonight therefore depriving us of the sight of Jack nutmegging him.

In other Mancunian news Nani is mouthing off again, in the Patrice Evra style, about Man Utd matching Arsenal’s unbeaten season. That’s nice to hear, that he aspires to copying us. No more motivation is needed when Arsenal host Manchester United in April (should they remain unbeaten; something I’m unconvinced of).

Good to know we are still the enemy of the North.
Cesc tels it like it is
Let’s repeat our earlier performance at Eastlands against nouveau riche Citeh. Come on Arsenal!

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