Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mediocrity of the day

ey oop lad it's the MOTD target audience

On a mediocre day of Premier League performances Arsenal's 3-0 away win at Birmingham was clearly the best of the lot ; however that bastion of footballing impartiality MOTD only deigned to show brief snippets of Arsenal after 50 minutes of banality featuring City, United and Liverpool, all of whom just about managed to scrape 3 points. Yet again MOTD showed it's Northern bias. The production team's scheduling of games to favour Northerners as well as most of the pundits coming from 'oop North' makes it frustrating for fans of Arsenal and other southern teams to sit through half the show before being able to watch out team.The MOTD institution has not and will not change so I guess we're stuck with this state of affairs.
North South divide

Still, winning is what it's all about and it was important that we came back from the midlands with 3 points, which we did. This sets up Wednesday night nicely. An opportunity to deliver a major blow to City's title aspirations and to bolster our own. In an awful Premiership it really could come down to the team that are the least awful actually winning it.

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