Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cup of woe for Kenny & Co

an actor and a footballer
Liverpool's loss to Manchester United is one that their fans (always looking for injustice) will place at the door of Howard Webb. The facts are that the penalty would not have been given if Daniel Agger had not shown such naivety against Berbatov in the box (I still can't get over how much Dimitar resembles Arsenal fan Mark Strong) allow him to win a penalty through theatrics, and Steven Gerrard was rightly sent off. The only reason there was any debate is because it was England's Stevie G. Gerard has often gotten away with challenges that lesser mortals have not, so some sort of Karmic justice was delivered by way of Red card.

Liverpool are now left with the Europa League and we are not even half way through April. Dalglish has got some job on his hands.

In other news, Huddersfield await the winner of the Leeds United v Arsenal Replay. Should it be Arsenal that face Huddersfield I wonder if the strains of "there's only one Herbert Chapman" will ring around the Emirates? Possibly the greatest Manager in both clubs histories.

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