Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dennis Bergkamp one on one

The new and 200th issue of FourFourTwo magazine carries an interview with the great Dennis Bergkamp. I am happy to recomend purchasing this magazine as the interview is both interesting and thoughtful. None of the usual 'i just hit it and it went in' or 'the gaffer lets us have the odd beer' just eloquence from the Dutch master.

Extract from article (copyright FourFourTwo)
Dennis Bergkamp on his goal for Netherlands v Argentina
"How did I do it? First, there's eye contact with Frank DeBoer-he's going to give the ball. Then: sprint away, get six yards away from the defender. The ball is coming over my shoulder. I run in a straight line, jump up to meet the ball,kill it dead, the second touch turns inside, to make sure [Roberto] Ayala is gone, and get a better angle on goal. I aim for the far post and let it curve in. After the second touch I know this can't go wrong. No chance! you give absolutely everything, like your life is leading up to this moment."
ALWAYS worth seeing again and again

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