Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Foot in mouth Denilson

Denilson's tried changing his hairstyles now
he's decided that this look is best after his comments

Footballers seem to spend a lot of time talking; Twitters, interviews, pokes, biographies, posts as a consequence all manner of media sound bites appear.
This time it’s Arsenal’s ineffectual midfield not- so- maestro Denilson’s turn to create a furore.

A certain tabloid that doesn’t need me to give them any more publicity has stolen (there’s no other word for it) a piece from Arseblog & Arsenal Brazil and spun it into an exclusive.

Players mouthing off about shortfalls in their midst is nothing new and Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira and the like have done it in the past but the difference being they led by example so were entitled to have an opinion.

Denilson (nice chap though he seems to be) does nothing of inspiration on the pitch. Any promise that he once had is unfulfilled and at 23 next month he is no longer a boy with potential, more of a 'Periera Neves' was.

The comments themselves are abit 'tomorrows chip paper' and the lack of leadership rests at the man who assembled the squad, but Denilson has done nothing on the pitch to entitle him to criticise. Play well first talk later.

If the rumour of Juve offering £11m is true I suggest Wenger gets his car keys and rushes the Brazilian to the Airport for a Turin bound flight post haste. Not for the remarks but for the fact he's no bloody good.

Denilson should let his feet do the talking instead of putting them in his mouth
the original version

Although I agree with you that he should keep his mouth shut (especially in the public domain) and concentrate on his own performance. What he says is quite true, we do lack leadership at the club. TV is the closest we have to a captain but unfortunately he has been injured, not that Arsene would have given him the captaincy. Cesc is not a true captain yet and may never be, his demeanour, character are not those which for me represent a real leader of men like an Adams or Vieira. I would also like to state that if needed I am willing to drive Denilson to the airport anytime day or night.

Captain Kirk

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