Monday, 18 April 2011


First off I want to make it clear that I do not write this blog because I want to spend my time criticising. I do this blog because I love The Arsenal. These days though, that love and support is being sorely tested. There are all sorts of points of view about the state of Arsenal right now; primarily they divide between those that support Wenger and those that feel he is responsible for the decline. A lot of argument, debate and finger pointing rules the Blogosphere (if there is such a word) regular readers will know my position, but rather than bang on about deficiencies all I feel is needed is for clear heads to answer the following questions. They are simple questions and don't require any sort of intellectual insight, they are questions that anyone who has watched Arsenal should be able to answer subjectively. And like a jury, after hearing the closing argumnments for the prosecution, there should be only one verdict.

  • Bendtner is not a winger so why play him there?
  • Why does the top scorer at the club take corners?
  • When will we see the potential of players like Denislen, Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner reach fruition?
  • Why are all the young players out on loan when there are current first team players who are not good enough?
  • Why have Arsenal not been able to address the clear facts about conceding set pieces?
  • Why do we not buy any proven winners with experience?
  • Why can the current set of players not hang onto a lead?
  • When has an Arsenal team ever given away a four goal lead?
  • What actual evidence is there to support the statements about ‘belief’ ‘mental strength’ and ‘potential’?
  • If a manager refers to statistical information as part of their philosophy, why have the stats regarding a number of the team and their performances, how goals are conceded and the like, why is this information ignored?
  • How many managers of major clubs have gone six years without a trophy and retained their post without having to make significant changes?
Some of these questions are specific to Wenger’s philosophy other questions are ones of basic common sense and fact; and therein lies the problem; once you go beyond feeling and emotion and look at the logic of the situation there is nowhere to go. Nowhere that is, until the powers that be, draw the same conclusions from the evidence submitted. unfortunately those very same powers that be look on the balance sheet and not at the trophy cabinet.

And the cold fact is that for the first time in living memory we go into a game at White Hart Lane that I think we may well lose, it's a must win game and as it's a derby it calls for strength of character and belief; yet who can honestly say that we have either?

Dark days indeed.

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