Friday, 8 April 2011

Contextual healing

A couple of people I know have been rubbing their hands with glee over Sp*rs demise at the Bernabeu. They have talked about how we have, in fact, done better than Sp*rs this season. Their rationale;

They spent more than us (nothing new there) and we are probably, I say probably, going to finish higher than them again.

They got knocked out of the FA cup early conceding four goals

They got knocked out of the Carling cup early conceding four goals

They look like they are out of the Champions league having conceded four goals in the first leg (unless Moses turns up at the Lane in a fortnight)

And this is what concerns me; Context.

In terms of sp*rs, you could argue that Arsenal will probably have ended the season having done better. But the fact that fans are making comparisons with Sp*rs shows how far we have fallen. We should be a club where comparisons are made with Man Utd &Chelsea at home and Bayern Munich & Real Madrid abroad.

Having to draw solace out of Sp*rs performances is a diabolical situation to be in. It’s pathetic. Its straw clutching at it’s most clutchy. Lets not forget that this is a club that released a DVD of their draw with us.

Arsenal Football club moved to the Emirates on the back of an unbeaten Championship, an FA Cup victory the following season and joining the elite and reaching the Champions League Final the next. This was supposed to be a springboard. We are now reduced to making comparisons with that lot down the road.

This quote should make all Arsenal fans realise that we have tolerated mediocrity for too long and without justification:

As Managing Director Keith Edelman explained before the move, the financial benefits of the Club's historic move will allow Arsenal to sustain their competitiveness at the highest level. "Our aim is to be a leading European club and, once we get into the new stadium, we will be in that position. It is very income-generous to us," he 21/08/07

Next time I hear someone drawing succor from thinking about Sp*rs in comparison to Arsenal I will ask them; “Has it really come to this?”
If you tolerate this

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