Sunday, 24 April 2011


That's it boys, put on a brave face
Today feel like the end of the season. The suns out and there are people out and about. Man Utd got their late winner as they were always going to do, and Torres found his shooting boots, as he was always going to do. Sp*rs look like they will finish below us again, as they were always going to do, and we are guaranteed a Champions league spot, as we were always going to be.
So I head off to meet friends in sunny Islington to watch this afternoon's game over a cold beer, and I frankly, feel completely relaxed; I've accepted our fate, I've come to terms with Groundhog day. I am sanguine. Beating Bolton doesn't mean the same as it once did, as I like Owen Coyle, but I shall be happy as always to see one or two Arsenal Goals as I sup my cold pint.

Man Utd can't win the title at Emirates (although they may win it metaphorically with another victory at our place) and as it's an early kick off, that means a good day out afterwards.
That we have come this far and managed to set up a bland climax is something to be scrutinised over the summer. I can't muster the will to go on about this negatively anymore. It's flogging a dead horse and I'm sure, dear reader, you are fed up with it. So I look ahead to the last few games with a view to having some good day outs to see me through to my summer holiday.
The funny thing is that with the pressure off, our chaps may give us something to at least smile about between now and the end of the season.
No this post is not me being negative; it's me being a realist. For this seasons aspirations, that's all she wrote.

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