Saturday, 2 April 2011


Empires go out on a whimper not a bang and the architect of that collapse is not a barbarian it is the hubris of the Emperor; from Alexander to Napoleon to Hitler, hubris is the default of the defeated Emperor. And so it is the case with Arsene Wenger. Today was a capitulation, plain and simple. Our season is over with a whimper in early April, not a bang in May. The architect of our downfall is Wenger. In a must win scenario our troupe of underachievers produced a performance of utter mediocrity, as the Emperor sat on his hands impotent and full of his own delusion.
And so it is , dear reader, that I can no longer make any positive contribution about the club I love.There is nothing to say, as, in effect our season is over. Time after time, chance after chance we could have been contenders, but for the fact that we have the most average squad that most of us have ever seen; let's not forget that Graham's Hillier, McGoldrick, Selley dregs actually won trophies.
As I type this I literally can't muster anything of a positive nature. it has to be said, and as a person that pays wages to AFC, i;'m going to say it.
Wenger must go. He, along with the majority of his squad are a busted flush; under achievers the lot of them.
I am no longer sanguine, angry or upset. I no longer give a f*ck!
Please, the powers that be, give us our Arsenal back. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

See you all at some point in the future.

lights go out walls come tumbling down

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  1. I fear the success of mediochrity and top four finishing will mean Asene prevails.I don't know if the Emperor has a sword to fall on or a cyanide pill to pop next time he goes down to his bunker!


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