Friday, 15 April 2011


London invaded by Northerners! Batten down the hatches!

With Man Utd & City invading Wembley, the Scousers coming to us and Bolton parking at IKEA before facing Stoke we are in for a weekend of cloth caps clogs and funny accents.
with subtitles

I never thought I would ever say this but “come on Bolton”. I don’t like Pullis and his Neanderthals and I think Owen Coyle is sound therefore let’s see Pullis and his baseball cap sent packing. Obviously the Manchester derby is pretty much a case of damned if you do damned if you don’t but I would prefer a Man Utd win; yes it’s back to straw clutching, but the more games they have to play the better as far as I’m concerned and let’s face it who wants to see Citeh buy the FA cup?
George whitebread

So if London survives this particular blitz and we beat Liverpool, then Wednesday is the visit to the bombsite on the Seven Sisters. It’s a must win game for us, as are all our games from now on and the ‘adventurers’ from the Champions league will no doubt be looking at celebrating their 50th Anniversary of their last league win with a place in the Europa league secured. Plus there’s the matter of all those blank DVDs they have left over from ten minutes into the first leg at the Bernabeu, that they would want to record onto.
back in the days of sp*rs title wins

Then, and here’s where my master plan comes into effect, we play Bolton, who, having reached the Cup Final will be delicately tip toeing around so as not to get injured for the showpiece; three points secured and with the visit of Man Utd it could (could) be game on. Which, in itself, would be both amazing and unlikely.
oh. alright then.. once more

Go on, take a straw.

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