Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Denial Anger Acceptance Schadenfreude?

So that lot lost 4-0 and quite frankly I don’t really care. I wasn't watching the Champions League, as I have become accustomed to doing, i was doing something else and not thinking about supposed rivals losing a game in the ECL. To be overjoyed by their humiliation in the Spanish capital would give me no pleasure; that’s the sort of thing their fans do. After all, after 49 years away from Europe’s premier competition they’ve not done too badly. Maybe they have made more progress since the Artful dodger took over than we have during that same period but, as I say I don’t care. That’s how bad it is at the moment. I can't even enjoy a bit of Schadenfreude. That’s because having gone through Denial and Anger I am currently at Acceptance; I'm waiting for Schadenfreude.

Mind you I am quite happy that they lost. “Take that you Sp*rs mugs!”
" Let's see 'Arry wheel and deal his way out of this one" "Taxi for Crouch you clumsy oaf "

I can feel again! Maybe all is not lost after all.

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