Friday, 1 April 2011


It’s depressing; the inevitability of failure. The knowledge that Arsenal will not win the Premier League this season. Any team that are in the position we are in, safe in the knowledge that by winning the remaining games the title will be won would create some optimism. However, there is a complete lack of that optimism. Why? Because we all know that a great team can do this. It happened in 1998; a string of wins bought the title to Highbury. A string of wins built on good defending and confident 1st and 2nd goalkeepers, a powerful midfield, a squad of depth and creativity in the final third, but above all belief and desire to win.

That’s why there is no optimism because Arsenal 2011 has none of these qualities. The overwhelming feeling is not one of looking ahead with enthusiasm; it’s one of looking back with regret. Worse than anger and resentment there is now a shrug of the shoulders and a sense of resignation.

The handful of decent players who will be selected in the seasons run in can’t transcend the inadequacies of their team mates and therefore won’t be able to muster enough to apply some pressure on Man Utd, even more realistic is the threat from a resurgent Chelsea.

This history repeating itself lark is horrible. It's hard to be sanguine being an Arsenal supporter, following a club managed by Arsene Wenger is like being a hamster going round and round on a red and white treadmill of frustration; going nowhere.

Road to nowhere

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