Saturday, 2 April 2011


The two faces of Manchester United were seen today at Upton Park as they overcame a two goal deficit, courtesy of a Wayne Rooney Hat Trick and some strange officiating, to extend their lead at the top to eight points.
This is what they do; character and fortitude and a bit of risk taking and they get results. All this is helped by a manager with a winning mentality who is prepared to adapt; this is undeniable.
The other side of the coin is the obnoxious behaviour of the cretinous Rooney. Let's face it he has previous for mouthing of down a camera lens. Any recrimination will be interpreted as a witch hunt , by his manager. The bumbling oaf is the ugly side of the game (quite literally)
Rooney getting 'ghetto' on a cameraman's ass

Following this result we need to play our Joker or get out of jail card to keep the embers burning. Only victory against Blackburn will do; if not the joke will definitely be on us. Then our Joker Arsene Wenger will have a really dark night.
Arsenal at 7:15?
"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?"

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