Sunday, 6 March 2011

without a clue

Yesterday was about poor performances; Diaby Dennilson & Rosicky, none of whom should be on the Arsenal payroll. The Referee and his assistants, but most of all from the Manager of the Month whose team selection and lack of tactical acuity turned a three point catch up into a one point pigeon step.
The fact that there are young players on loan who are not given a chance due to the misplaced faith in some of the squad is a contradiction of Wenger's self proclainmed 'investment in youth'; inexperince is no longer an excuse for some of this lot.
We now rely on Liverppol to beat Man Utd later today. Should Ferguson come away from Anfield with three points I'm afraid it's game over for our title aspirations.
A loss for the Red Devils would put yesterday in the 'point gained' category and still allow us an opportunity to close the gap.
One thing worth considering though, is, would Ferguson have only taken a point from yetsrday's game if the circunmstances were reversed? I think we all know the answer to that.
And so i'm off out for the day and shall check the result from Anfield later. I suspect it will be more bad news for the Manager of the month. I am sad to report that I feel March may just be a month to forget for us all,following trips to the Nou Camp & Old Trafford; but, you never can tell.

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