Friday, 4 March 2011



At home to Sunderland is a more important game than Tuesdays at the Nou camp or Saturdays at Old Trafford. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

In this most mediocre of Premiership seasons we find our self having lost five games yet 90 minutes away from closing the gap on league leaders Man Utd to 1 point.; an opportunity that we have to take. Given that we play Man Utd at the Emirates later this season, it would put the destination of the title in our hands.Let's just not let Sunderland stick a spoke in the works of our premmiership ambition.

The ECL is a different kettle of fish. As I posted a couple of weeks ago I believed that our best XI could prevail against Barca, that view has been tempered by the loss of Walcott and more importantly Van Persie. The doubts over Song, Fabregas and Koscielny don’t help, but I have not thought that this season we were good enough to actually win the thing. I still feel this even if our underdog status enables us to triumph in Catalonia.

As for the FA cup; we could see Wenger make another one of his clever clogs selections for the trip to Old Trafford with predictable results. Who knows? I certainly don’t, all I do know is that if he sticks with Almunia as our ‘FA Cup keeper’ any disasters that might happen have a far greater chance of doing so.

So it’s all about beating the Black Cats on Saturday and let’s face it if the Liverpool hype machine is in full effect on Sunday we could be looking at a fruitful weekend, but with Arsenal you never can tell!

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