Monday, 21 March 2011


So Rio is furious that he has been snubbed as England captain; and there we were all thinking that the England squad was one big happy family. Usurped by none other than ‘JT’ the white van man of football. Rio has apparently tweeted his disgust at Capello not seeing him in person to break the tragic news.

That we now have a national team managed by a Tommy Cooper lookalike, albeit with great credentials, who has been unable to get the best out of the so called (and self proclaimed) world beaters at his disposal says all you need to know. He is safe in his contract and his charges are big babies so used to being mollycoddled and obliged, that they rise up at the slightest perceived injustice.

How on earth is the common man meant to have any empathy for these spoilt brats who clearly don’t view playing for their country as an honour?

The cult of celebrity is typified more in these glorified sports equipment salesman than anything outside of the pop industry. The fact that it is now an aspiration for young women to be a WAG is the epitome of the cloddish rush towards faux sophistication. Driving a Bentley, wearing Louis Vitton partying at China Whites this is the destination choice of the modern England player and his wife /girlfriend.
So wrapped up in their own specialness are this bunch of ingrates, that they really don’t understand how offensive their bickering and vulgarity are.

The England footballer of 2011 vintage is a vain and pompous superstar with a big wad of cash and an ego to match.So high are they on their own self esteem, fuelled by greedy agents, that they view themselves as the new gods. Terry or Ferdinand or Lampard or Rooney any of them as England Captain is a nauseating thought.

Watch the current England team? I would rather be Hemeling.

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