Saturday, 19 March 2011


This squad, by and large ,has reached a dead end with Arsene Wenger driving the bus.
This mob never have and never will be good enough. Today’s result is absolutely predictable. Terrible goalkeeping yet again makes a mockery of Wenger's failure to buy, no heart, lack of mental toughness, poor defending yet Arsene felt it unnecessary to buy a decent defender, no leadership and Wenger is responsible for the type of players he buys, and they expect us to pay more for our season ticket? What a diabolical liberty.

Of course everyone knew that Man Utd would win at home, by hook or by crook. So a win at the Hawthorns was a minimum requirement. This bunch wouldn’t know what that means; they haven’t got the wherewithal. A draw just does not cut the mustard boys.

Talk of a spirited comeback is poppycock; we should not have been 2-0 down!

Today was the day where our bunch of misfits, that Wenger ‘believes in’, were exposed as not having what it takes; big time.

Until there is a manager able to select ‘leaders’, to adapt tactically, to understand the value of a top goalkeeper, to recognise when to sell and when to buy, to stop being so stubborn, we will carry on under performing.

If we do capture the crown (which seems highly unlikely) that will in no way be a vindication of our manager’s project; it will be despite of it.

Next season all the other teams that could mount a challenge will be stronger, Citeh and Chelsea with a cash splurge Man Utd with the pulling power and Sp*rs who always seem to have cash in hand, not forgetting Liverpool who are reassembling.

Therefore it is imperative that we start the process of change as soon as possible, and change has to begin at the top. It really is a case of adapt or die for Arsenal Football Club.

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