Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Arsenal in need

"whahey Arsenal!"
It's hitting home now ; being out of Europe. That other lot of English clubs are all committed to at least two more midweek games (I assume Chelsea will get through later tonight) so in that sense maybe it's a bit of a silver lining.
The longer Man Utd, Chelsea, Sp*rs, Liverpool and Man City stay in Europe the better for our chances I would have thought. Yes I know it's a bit like straw clutching, but when you need snookers (as we do) "every little helps".

Ferguson's touchline ban could be handy also. So in that sense for the first time this season we have had a bit of luck; albeit indirect.
No I don't like having to rely on others but, let's face it, us winning our ten remaining games with the squad available are not good and we need a little bit of backhanded fortune. Let Arse Aid begin.
I for one would be more than happy to be the least deserving, jammiest winners of the league of all time. "I would luv it!"

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  1. Yip, me too, I would luv it if we beat them. But we will be counting on a bit more luck than you have allowed for. We really need Song and Cesc to get back to full fitness, particularly Song who was poor before he finally went 'sick'. Though Ramsey coming back will steady the ship a bit too, and Theo will give us the width we have been missing. I know the young Miquel was only playing against a second division side in Orient matches and I compared him favourably with the young Adams and O'Leary. I recall well that O'Leary was calmer and played the ball out of defence, but Tony lumped it a lot and sometimes didn't get there at all. I would certainly prefer him to Squeel itchy.

    So, jammy or not, win it like we won the FA Cup final, by flukes, own goals, bad decisions, no opposition, goal posts moving, winning ugly, winning rotten, don't care.

    We can, we must keep it goonerish



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