Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spaniards & Shenanigans

There is one person who may play a key factor in tonight's game and very little has been said about him; Massimo Busacca.

The Swiss Referee is best known for being banned for three matches for sticking his middle finger up at fans during a game between FC Baden and Young Boys. This, he claims, was due to being provoked by “verbal abuse” by fans.

“I lost my cool.” was his explanation for the incident.

Let's hope he keeps his cool because, amid all the compliments about Barcelona's style of play, ability and general swagger there is little mention of their rampant gamesmanship.

A weak referee could easily be bamboozled by Barca's shenanigans and this could lead to disastrous decisions; in all probability against Arsenal. It's a shame that with all the deserved praise Barca receive little is said about their habit of working the ref; in other words cheating.

Let's hope that Monsieur Busacca gives the finger to the blatant skulduggery of the Catalans tonight. If so, then the best team will win, not the sliest.
Ref shows he's got some tricks of his own

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