Friday, 18 March 2011


Not being included in the Champions League is annoying; however it did raise a smirk with me. Of course Barcelona drew Shakhtar Donetsk; that was as predictable as the drums at the end of Eastenders.

Chelsea v Man Utd is pretty much perfect for our title aspirations. Two tough games within a congested fixture list and of course the probability of a stalemate in the league fixture between the two.

As for our noisy neighbours they meet Real Madrid and more importantly Jose Mourinho; a man who knows how to win over two legs. Naturally Sp*rs would feel that prioritising the ECL is a reasonable option. Should they prevail, of course they would meet Shakhtar Donetsk Barcelona in the Semi Final an dc this would give them the opportunity to score more than the three goals we have managed over the last two meetings, after all they all think that Sp*rs are better than Arsenal now. 

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