Tuesday, 8 March 2011

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Well, I’m non-plussed by tonight’s game. The selection of Rosicky & Diaby certainly, how Sczesny got injured and some of the officiating absolutely, add Cesc's performance and our unfeasible bad luck and you could say that a curse may have been put upon us by a Catalonian gypsy. But what was most disgraceful was Van Persie's second yellow; utterly ludicrous. This in itself did not necessarily shape the final result but it compromised our ability to effect change from the bench (as did the necessity of bringing on Almunia, who, to be fair, put in a good performance) As I noted in my previous post I had concerns about the referee but I had no inkling that he would make such an idiotic decision as to send off RVP.
What was also extremely annoying fcuking aggravating was the commentary on Sky from Tyler & Smith. They clearly want to have Guardiola's love child, they are going to adopt Messi, and they are marrying the Nou Camp.
The sheer undiluted drooling over Barca was nauseating. They are a good team and over the two legs were better, but (and it is a big but) against ten-one could say eight- at home they would always have the upper hand.
So again the fates conspire against us and I’m left wondering when we are going to catch a break. But that cannot be dwelt upon; next stop Old Trafford and a chance to progress in another Cup competition. Surely the footballing gods can't stick their oar in two times in a row. If they do please can they cut us some slack in the League. Once again I have to say that all we are able to acheive is down to the squad we have, that can't change; They are all we've got. 

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