Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wenger looks on from the balcony while beastly Spurs pay the penalty as they are tamed by Arsenal's beautiful game

tears in the face of beauty
Sp*rs committed 23 fouls against Arsenal as they struggled to deal with Arsenal's passing game as a resounding 1-4 victory was achieved at WHL.
Arsenal's fourth goal sparked a mass exodus from the ground. As the oles rang around the half empty stadium there were more Gunners supporters in the decrepit shit hole than home fans.
And how we milked the moment. It was Arsenal's biggest win at WHL in 32 years and revenge for the 5-1 DVD inspiring loss in the same competition two years ago.
I assume VanDerVaart was watching and I wonder if he still holds the opinion that Sp*rs are a bigger club than Arsenal. I am still curious as to the basis of this assertion; is it based on
Size of Fan base?
Size of stadium?
Number of trophies won?
Head to head encounters?
Number of domestic doubles?
Length of time in top flight?
Number of League titles?
Amount of unbeaten seasons?
Number of Champions League campaigns?
Amount of higher league positions?
Whiteness of kit?...OK, you've got that one Rafael.
It's obviously not based on number of competitions being competed for this season is it?

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