Friday, 17 September 2010

Fear and Loathing in the Premier League

Here we go again, it's have a pop at Arsenal time again. Wenger is on the receiving end following a night where the principles of football as art were seen in all their glory at the Emirates.
The managers of recently defeated Bolton and Blackburn take exception at the thought that they produce teams that may be perceived as being the ugly sister of the beautiful game. The Press, as per usual, pile in against the 'Frenchman'.

Owen Coyle says
“Maybe Arsenal know they were in a really tough game,maybe that is a compliment. I like to think we have endeavour, commitment and quality. “
What quality? And let’s not get bamboozled by word play we all know what Endeavour and commitment actually mean.
Allardyce spews
“He's a very clever man in terms of influencing referees, officials and everybody in football,"
Who’s he talking about here? His old mucker, British Manager Alex Ferguson?
"In saying people are trying to injure players he is trying, through the media, to influence referees”
Again, is this Fergie he’s misquoting? No of course not.Hypocrite!

The  press says
‘The Frenchman intimated he felt Bolton defenders Paul Robinson, as well as Gary Cahill, should have been dismissed for a tackle which left Abou Diaby with severe ankle bruising’
What is the relevance of his nationality? ‘intimated’ is a non committal word , most often used to prevent civil action. Talk about presumption!

Is it any wonder that the national team are so inept when the Premier League is populated by teams that value 'getting stuck in' and getting in your face' above technique.

Teams that are technically superior can be beaten with a game plan; look at how Inter destroyed the Barcelona myth last season.Players of limited ability can be marshaled into a counter argument based on tactical awareness.Not in the Prem!

 I am sick to death of the pathetic xenophobic sports media and their hatred of Arsenal. Bored of hearing dullards like Allardyce and Coyle slagging off Wenger based on no more than he does not subscribe to football as War in shorts. Tired of column inches and idiotic radio presenters choosing to ignore the qualities and attributes displayed so far this season by Arsenal.
joy of six
The flip side is that when Arsenal are being slated by outsiders we should then come together behind our team.I have an opinion and am more than forthright in my criticisms; but I am a paying fan who loves the club. Not someone too busy criticising others to mask their own ineptitude. Yes these Managers are inept. They manage football clubs without playing football how it should be played. Keep going with this and there will be another '44 years of hurt'

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