Monday, 27 September 2010

it's not fair

As Michael Turner of Sunderland took a free kick in the 5th minute at Anfield . which the player claims was just him giving it to his keeper to take the kick,Fernando Torres pounced on the 'loose ball'  which Sunderland apparently thought was still dead, and squared for Kuyt to score. This signalled another 'it's not fair' rant from  Blades manager Steve Bruce. He should have saved his anger for the ineptitude of the referee in not giving England's Steven Gerrard a red card for an elbow.

"This is the second time it has happened to me, the first time was at Arsenal in the FA Cup [as Sheffield United manager in 1999] when they were going to throw it back to our goalkeeper and they threw it to Kanu who ran down the wing and crossed for Marc Overmars to score"-Steve Bruce 26/09/10

What Steve 'it's not fair' Bruce failed to point out is that Arsenal where honourable enough to offer to replay the game; an unprecedented act of sportsmanship!

"Arsenal in the spirit of sportsmanship offered to replay the game; an offer that was accepted by the Blades and sanctioned by the FA."

Just stop moaning Steve and tell your players the basic rule of football, learnt from the playground up; Play to the whistle.

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