Tuesday, 14 September 2010

News from around Europe

On Matchday 1 of The European Champions league here's some news from around Europe

Arsenal are cursed I tell you cursed!
Juventus defender Armand Traore is set to miss about a month. The Frenchman, on loan from Arsenal, injured his left thigh during training on Saturday and will now be sidelined for about four weeks.

Giant kills Giant
Barcelona suffered a humiliating 2-0 home defeat to Hercules when Nelson Valdez struck twice to give the tiny promoted club a shock victory at a stunned Camp Noú; I think that result, along with Inter's win in last seasons ECL shows that Arsenal where too starstruck to beat this so called 'team from another planet' another planet? pah!

Liver bird not flying high
The fact that a team with such a great pedigree as Liverpool, in the Champions League/European Cup are not competing on matchday 1 should be a lesson to all supporters on how easy a fall from grace can be.

Catalan to Birmingham
“If I had known before what was going to happen, I would not have gone from Arsenal."-Alexander Hleb.
Serves you right though doesn't it!? Enjoy the relegation battle and Carling cup run, along with the culture of the Brummie; how like Barcelona it will seem!

Half a century of hurt
So Harry 'i'm not a wheeler dealer' Redknapp looks forward to a night at the Lane unlike any seen for 49 years (yes 49 years!). Those Sky+ boxes will be taking a beating tonight as Sp*rs fans record Eastenders. After all a lifetime with a Tuesday and Wednesday Soap Opera habit is hard to break.
England's Arsenal play Portugal's Arsenal at Arsenal's Emirates stadium as Arsenal welcome the Arsenalistas of Braga
Braga have been known as Arsenal do Minho and changed their kits from green-and-white hoops to their Arsenal-style red in 1920 when their then-coach Jozef Szabo, following a trip to Highbury, ordered the club to adopt new colours to establish their own identity (Braga even renamed their youth team Arsenal do Braga). The fans of Braga are known as Arsenalistas due to their teams uniforms that resemble that of The Arsenal.

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