Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Arsenal drop the ball

As I said in an earlier post , if Wenger fails to sign a new goalkeeper it will prove 'catastrophic' for our season. We are now stuck with what we've got until January at the earliest. That Almunia is a distinctly average keeper is a fair summation; he's certainly not in the top ten Premier Goalkeepers nor is he of the standard a league winning team would expect to have. His mistakes will cost us again but possibly with a better defence he will be protected more, but that is a dangerous situation to be in.

What should be of more concern is that should Almunia get injured we would , based on Wenger's previous practises, be left with Fabianski in goal. This should concern all Arsenal supporters far more than Almunia's mediocrity. God help us if we are forced to play in the knockout stage of the Champions League (assuming that we get out of the group stage-definitely achievable) with Fabianski. The mind boggles should we need points away to 'rugby' playing teams who will bombard us with an arial attack for 90 minutes.

Wenger's activity in the transfer market has been okay this time round, certainly Chamakh and Koscielny look the part and the SQ bloke has a pretty good rep, however the most glaringly obvious addition to the squad that was needed was goalkeeper. Not just opinion of 99% of fans but statistically necessary.
Yet here we are with possibly the worst goalkeeping twosome of any team aspiring to compete at the top table. Sometimes money talks and in the case of Arsenal's goalkeeping situation money should have been screaming loud and clear!

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