Saturday, 25 September 2010

the weakest link

highlights of todays debacle

Roberto DiMatteo is no tactical genius but he clearly saw a chink in Arsenal’s armour today at the Emirates. Playing what was ostensibly a 7-2-1 formation he knew that by the law of averages WBA would have a couple of opportunities to have shots on target from open play. He also knew that Arsenal is a club with aspirations of winning the Premier League. However, he knew that Manuel Almunia is not a goalkeeper of the requisite ability for a title chasing side therefore the probability would be that those chances that WBA would have would, to a degree, be better chances due to the standard of our keeper. So it proved to be.
Their first goal was standard fare that we could have done better defending, but these things happen.
Goals 2 & 3 were poor goalkeeping. Yes we rallied in the later stages but realistically when you are in a position where League leaders Chelsea have dropped 3 points earlier in the day and you are at home to WBA you should be getting maximum points if your challenge is real. Those idiots at the ground today booing Almunia need a reality check. Manuel is selected as Arsenal's number one his ineptitude is clearly not a selection criteria. Don't boo your own players I say!
I said a few posts ago that Wenger’s decision to go into this campaign with the keepers we have may prove catastrophic; today (and to an extent Tuesday night) was one of those days where those prophetic words rang true.
Hansen once said ‘you win nothing with kids’ that’s as maybe be but for sure ‘you win nothing with poor goalkeepers.
the weakest link

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