Friday, 10 September 2010

walking wounded

Gary Lewin and Ian Beasley could be the most valuable staff members to have left the club. Their value may be significant as they were Arsenal's Physio and Team Doctor. Since leaving it has coincided with more injuries at the club than I can ever recall. Coincidence? maybe. Irritating? definitely.

Is it that our players are too finely tuned? like a formula 1 car that needs constant attention in the Pitt as opposed to a VW that never needs the bonnet raised? or is it bad luck, poor coaching technique or some sort of a gypsy curse? who knows but somebody needs to look into this. Either Donald Macintyre going under cover or a physic to contact a other worldly presence that is ravaging our squads limbs.

Or maybe there are some other reasons our players spend so much time in the treatment room

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