Tuesday, 22 November 2011


So after beating an insipid Villa team Sp*rs, under the glorious leadership of next England manager Arthur Dailey Harry Redknapp, are title contenders. This is a team that have yet to visit Stamford Bridge, Eastlands, Anfield or The Emirates, a team that were beaten, by Manchester Untied and comprehensively defeated, at home by Man City, but a team who have 'appy 'arry at the helm and the Messiah Bale 'rampaging' up and down the wing, so I guess anythings possible; I may even have a bet on Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson having a new record ourt for Christmas.
In other news Man City are being hailed as the new Invincibles after an undefeated run of 12 games this season and 4 at the end of the last, making an impresive 16 games unbeaten. If they can resist defeat in the next 34 games they will indeed be the new invincibles. Some might say that the media are a tad early in their assertions, but what do I know? City are also being compared with the current European Champions. One could argue that this is a quantative comparison and only consistent European form is the comparitor; in this respect it's not a good one.

And finally with Chamakh heading off to the African Cup of Nations next year will we see the emergence of Park or the return of that legend in his own mind Nicklas Bendtner? To be fair B52 has scotred 5 in 5 for Denmark this season and 2 in 7 for Sunderland, but are his bridges burnt at the Emirates? with rotation an inevitability will he be summoned back as cover for RVP? he would certainly benefit from Jenkinson's crossing ability and Walcott's delivery. Stranger things have happened.

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