Sunday, 6 November 2011


I have decided to try on my jacket of optimism today. It's been a while since I took it out of the wardrobe but it still fits. Yes, last nights MOTD took the biscuit in it's utter contempt for Arsenal and Arsenal fans; second from last on the running order and zero analysis. This, though is yet another negative media view of the Arsenal and is, in fact number one on my list of...REASONS WHY ARSENAL WILL WIN A TROPHY THIS YEAR

  1. The Media hate us
  2. RVP
  3. Our Top notch keeper
  4. The return of the league's most consistent right back by the end of the year
  5. The return of Jack in 2012(LANS) 
  6. The Emirates getting more positive
  7. Vermaelan's return
  8. We can't have a worse period than we've already had this season
  9. We've got trips to OT WHL SB out of the way early
  10. It's our 125th year
  11. Arshavin has to have a good patch
  12. They got rid of 'The wonder of you'
  13. We've shown we can 'do' Consistency
  14. John Terry fell over
  15. Van Der Vaart has given it that
  16. This bunch now believe in themselves
  17. Gervinho takes players on
  18. Ramsey is getting better
  19. Frimpong
  20. It feels that we are once again "THE ARSENAL"

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