Sunday, 13 November 2011


Inside Clive Tydesley's dreams 

ITV football commentators have an obsession with Barcelona; we have got used to that but now it's clear it extends to the Spanish national side. The current Espana team are clearly the best things since sliced pan, the most gifted set of individuals there have been since Paris in the twenties, the greatest athletes since the USA 4x100m relay team at the LA Olympics, the most prodigiously superlative collective since the Marx Brothers.
Yet despite 90 minutes of toe curling ingratiation England managed to beat them.
Clive Tydesley obviously has visions of bronzed Spanish lotharios when ho nods off of an evening.
Oh how the ITV pundits could barely muster any enthusiasm as they had seen Olympus's finest toppled by mere mortals.
It was a bit like when Arsenal beat Barça; the sheer effrontery of actually beating this Wunderkind!
Poor old ITV; there deities toppled, albeit for one night.

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