Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Chelsea 22

Sp*rs 22

Liverpool 22

Arsenal  22

It’s tight at ‘just below the top'. Obviously with tonight’s game between Villa and Sp*rs things may change but it’s rather heartening that we are now in the chase with the following pack. One set of fans are feeling the strain though: Chelsea fans. They are now experiencing the anti manager media, the questioning press and the disgruntlement of media types. Chelsea have had some bad results one might say but that is to take away from Arsenal and Liverpool. Chelsea have won and lost  the same amount of games as Arsenal. Only difference being we have scored more and they have conceded less. Now there are calls for AVB's head and criticism of their aging squad, Torres is a figure of derision and there are doubts about their perceived automatic ECL qualification. I wonder how the new Chelsea fan base will react should things continue in a media led 'downward spiral'. 
Chelsea Fan
That's how easy it is for the knives to come out in this business; lose a couple of games and it's doom and gloom.
The Arsenal have been going quietly about our business with a minimum of fuss and this has led to a cooling of from the anti Arsenal press. When we do well it all goes quiet. But we all know that won't last. Failure to hammer Dortmund 7-0 on Wednesday will probably result in the usual hysterical back page headlines. This is a given, as the press don't really enjoy criticising Chelsea; it's not part of the sports journalists playbook.
So to all those Chelsea fans experiencing the current backlash I say "Welcome to our world"
The thing is that it couldn't be happening to a nicer club.
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