Sunday, 8 May 2011

Gloomy Sunday for Arsenal

gloomy sunday-the associates
Well, that’s it then…

Today I saw a team lacking in the basics; Passing, simple defending, ball control, defending set pieces, application. I saw a team that lacked belief, were pedestrian, formulaic, lacking in pace precision or imagination. That team was not Stoke. I won’t be dwelling on their moronic manager or their imbecilic fans; they won fair and square.

Arsenal were terrible today. Seven days ago they had pulled out a good result and a good performance against Man Utd; today they were beaten by a half decent mid table side. That’s the unpalatable truth.

These seven days are a microcosm of the club. Glory, ticket hike, misery; all in seven days. On Sunday I will be going to the Emirates to watch the final home game of a frustrating and profligate season. It’s an opportunity to meet up with friends and share a drink or two, an opportunity to support those players who have put the effort in this season, a chance to contemplate whether to make the £1300 commitment to next season.

I shall not stay for the lap of honour, nor do I suspect will many others. The lion’s share of this squad and the Manager do not deserve the recognition. I don’t want to see anyone booing but I just can’t stomach standing there so I will exit at the final whistle.

We had our chances this season yet time and again we failed to take them; we didn’t have the strength of character at our core that was needed. Today was more typical of our performances than the Man Utd victory and who knows what we will see against Villa; I wouldn’t be surprised to see our players with far away looks and tropical beaches on their minds. The season that was all but over anyway, it drew it’s last gasp today.

It’s hard to take any positives for the future from our current situation but I am sure there are some, but for us, the supporters (the paying customers) the future does not seem bright it seems inevitably bleak. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

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