Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Back to Walford

"Champions League?You're having a laugh"
Funny isn’t it that no matter how bad things are for Arsenal T*ttenham always manage to be that bit worse? This season the status quo remains, with St Totteringham’s day been and gone this weekend, Sp*rs have also managed to not qualify for the Champions League. Once every 50 years is not bad really I suppose.
Not only have they managed to finish below Arsenal yet again but they have not performed as well as Arsenal even having spent more on players this term. Of course the games between the clubs have resulted in a win for each and a draw, but Arsenal’s 4-1 victory at a rapidly emptying White Hart Lane knocked them out of the Carling Cup, much in the same way they were knocked out of the FA cup conceding four goals.
Their exit from the Champions League was another humiliation unlike Arsenal’s; winning at home and losing away to arguably the best (and best acting, Referee favourite) team on the planet. All the Sp*rs rhetoric regarding ‘the balance of power’ has come to the sad and inevitable conclusion; Sp*rs are worse than Arsenal.
So it’s a return to Thursday early evening kick off’s on Channel 5 for the Glory, Glory boys. A recap of Eastenders and they can pick up where they left off after a season with the big boys. I expect we will read the usual excuses in the comments page but lets face it; Sp*rs flatter to deceive time after time and in a season where, I will gladly admit, Arsenal have been poor ,Sp*rs have still been unable top come out on top.

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