Saturday, 28 May 2011


After a deeply frustrating season it is time to reflect. Success tends to feed the fan and, repleat, we head off to summer with a positive view of the season to come. When things don't work out to plan there is space for reflecting. I feel dissillusioned; not just with Arsenal but with the beautiful game in general. I believe that things will come to a head, South Sea bubble like, as things continue the way they have been going. Greed is king in the football game and there has never been such a disparity in the sport, between the people involved in it and the man/woman on the street who keeps the faith. I think that there are many reasons why a gluttinous sport is eating itself. Here are twenty reasons; I'm sure there are more. 

  1. FIFA-Corruption in high places
  2. EUFA-An unfair playing field
  3. Agents-Parasitic creators of player power
  4. Players-Little lord Fauntleroy syndrome
  5. Club Corporate-draining the cash at all costs
  6. Marketing-New Kits and panties
  7. The FA-Meaningless fixtures and short sight
  8. Branding-B52 wears pink shoes ergo: kids want them
  9. Champions League Final tickets-Robin Hood in reverse
  10. Season Ticket prices- don’t like it? Someone else will take your place, so there!
  11. Stadium naming rights-Sell your soul for a pot of gold
  12. TV-You’ll play when we tell you; sod the inconvenience
  13. Simulation-call it what it is; cheating!
  14. Plastic glasses-Never trust a Football supporter
  15. Alcohol free European night- Never trust an English Football supporter
  16. Catering-Good food reasonably priced anyone?
  17. Match day Announcers-Fake and embarrassing
  18. Tweeting Players-Nothing better to do with your ego?
  19. Programmes-Bland, costly and soul less
  20. Contempt for fans- Don’t matter what you think; they don’t care!
Things will only get worse before we reach crisis point. Modern Football is the Mr Creosote of the sporting world and the day that it ingests that last wafer thin mint is just around the corner, with the same messy result.
wafer thin mint

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