Friday, 20 May 2011


Today that master of the ineffectual Denilson (in fact the only thing of note he ever did was have a ridiculous hairstyle for a couple of games) revealed he is leaving Arsenal after his transfer request was accepted. He is on his way to Rio Sunday night apparently. I  imagined myself being the interviewer and this is what I would have said in response to his quotes.

“This has been the worst season of my life and I am so upset, so frustrated. I am a winner and I came here to win trophies but I’ve been here for five years and won nothing.”-Denilson

“No this hasn’t been your worse season; the last four have. You’re not a winner; one has only to look at how you perform. The fact that you have won nothing is directly related to your lack of ability.”-arsenalism

"I was fed up of coming home and feeling down.”-Denilson

“Yes we all were!”-arsenalism

"Let's be honest, some of those games were shocking, shameful. We are better than that. But until Arsenal stop throwing away those silly points in those stupid games nothing will change."-Denilson

“Yes your performances have been shocking and shameful. You are not better than that. Yes you are part of that team throwing away silly points!”-arsenalism

flying down to Rio
What is so funny about all this is that it is Denilson who has asked to leave, rather than the club unceremoniously hurling him out the back door of London Colney with the words “never darken our doorstep again”. His interview about his decision to leave is full of criticism (most of which is true to be fair) but not one iota of recognition as to his own part in Arsenal’s failings. Now he does seem like a nice young man but, good bye son and good riddance. I just hope there are more departures in the weeks to come.
Chucking out time at AFC

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