Sunday, 1 May 2011

Enjoy yourself

Today was a glimpse of the future, the post Fabregas era if you will. Jack and Aaron provided a solid and effective fulcrum. Yes we flattered to deceive at times and were ineffective in patches but; and here’s the crucial thing, we saw out a 1-0 against the champions elect. We didn’t crumble; we stood tall and showed a desire to retain the three points. The 1-0 is entrenched in Arsenal history, and the 1-0 wins things and today for the first time in a long while we won 1-0. Even Arshavin; a player that I love despite his shortcomings, was getting involved with defensive duty.

I won’t dwell on what might have been; suffice it to say we all know our deficiencies. What I will say is that a team that beats Chelsea Barcelona and Manchester United, and are the best team in those games, have under achieved this season. Negativity aside it’s always great to Beat Man Utd and we’ve done that.

We now have three games to go, let’s win them and give us fans a smile to take into the summer. I’ve spent much of my blogging steeped in negative vibes (and rightly so a great deal of the time) but when all is said and done I make the effort day after day to write a post, not because I want to be negative but because I love the Arsenal. Today our boys did us proud, and in the maelstrom of modern life sometimes your team, your club, your commitment makes you feel proud. Today was one of those days.

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