Sunday, 7 November 2010

Stripes strike again at the Emirates

andy carroll looks like this from behind (ish)

Undone by Stripes again!
First things first. Newcastle United won today and that’s not something to be begrudging about; they came and got a result, fair dos. Andy Carroll took his chance and that's all there is to it.

Today Arsenal showed no appetite for success; an appetite that needs to be fed by success . Arsenal also had, in the fourteen players that appeared , enough ability to compete with most teams. Ability alone doesn’t cut it, you need some cajoles and some desire. We have neither it would seem.

What made today’s result more galling was the rapturous applause given to Liverpool’s first and second goal against Chelsea at the Pub I went to after the game.   

Had we won against Newcastle; a result that it was not unreasonable to expect at The Emirates against a team who have come up from Div 1, the Chelsea loss would have been meaningful. A result that would have left us just two points behind the league leaders.

Today’s performance, as was Wednesdays, was just not good enough. To win anything a team need to have application alongside ability and a feeling of achievable success. By losing to Newcastle it is a reminder to us, the fans, that Arsenal are currently, an above average team.

The atmosphere at the Emirates today was uninspiring and as flat as Frankenstein’s monster’s head. The Emirates experience has milked the corporate bovine to the brink of starvation and the team seems to reflect that stagnation.

So today was a thoroughly unenjoyable experience; a loss that cannot be denied was about right and a stadium at the brink of ennui.

This is where we are at. A solution is beyond my thought process. I just don’t know how Arsenal re establish themselves as a force in the Premier League, a credible Cup side and a European contender.

It will take something that is currently missing. Call it desire. appetite, belief whatever word we choose it's basically a psychological barrier that the players and manager seem unable, or unwilling, to breech.
here's some other stripes to cheer us up

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