Friday, 19 November 2010


It's 24 hours until Arsenal's next fixture. In the cold light of day I don't think too much about Sp*rs. They are
what they are; slightly delusional like most fans not as important as
a game against ManU or Chelsea. But, and here's the thing, once I'm at
the game I F*CKING HATE them! it's all " come on Arsenal these lot are
shi*te!" "Sit down Redknapp you twitchy c*nt!" We stand for all that's good, with our history sense of fair play and commitment to the principles of good football! They are the epitome of evil with their vicious sallow faced supporters and their overwhelming bitterness and inferiority complex! We must defeat them! send them to the bottomless pit of defeat and despair!
 God I detest them!
and beating them has everyone
walking on air as the crowd disperses. Then soon after it's back to
indifference. It's just another team who we need points from not that much of a deal really. It's only a game...
But the possibility of losing to them twice this century in the league; JESUS CHRIST! This is awful, how the f*ck did we lose to this lot? oh get the general idea

saints v sinners

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