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ARSENAL IN NEED or ‘When you gonna learn?’ or 'Derby debacle’

a woman collecting for CIN @ AFC today post game
Where to begin? I don't mind losing to a better team, but let's face it Sp*rs were no great shakes. A first half where Sp*rs made poor choices when they had the ball and Arsenal were dominant reaped a two goal lead. At this point it felt that Arsenal would consolidate this lead and go on to win and go top of the table (frustratingly Chelsea went on to lose to Birmingham)
This was not to be. Sp*rs scored a soft goal in the second half and we went on to concede the softest of penalties. The third goal from the visitors was a result of poor defending on a set piece.  That was that. Arsenal showed little to suggest that they would overturn this setback and at least get a draw.
So the Emirates had to bear witness to jubilant Sp*rs fans celebrating their first away win at Arsenal since 1993.Today's game, however, does not tell the full story of where Arsenal Football Club finds itself.
The press in the run up to today was full of Wenger's quote that "This is the best squad I've ever had at Arsenal". The irony is that, post game, I went for a drink in a local hostelry. This Public house broadcast SKY TV's sports classic, which was Arsenal 5-Leeds United 0; a game in which Thierry Henry scored 4 goals.
The squad of players involved in this game included Lehman, Lauren, Clichy, Campbell, Toure, Pires, Vieira, Parlour, Gilberto, Edu, Wiltord, Reyes,Bergkamp and Henry. Watching the highlights i was struck by how big this team was, how confident and how combative. I reflected that these guys would never capitulate a two goal lead at home against our local rivals. Never!
So when Wenger talks about our current squad in such bullish terms I have to deduce that he is trying to convince himself.
Wengers's experiment has reached a zero tolerance point as far as I'm concerned. Arsenal will not win the Premier League this season. Arsenal will not win the Champions league this season. Arsenal may win a domestic cup (specifically the Carling Cup). Wenger's Arsenal has been a phenomenon over the years but his doctrine is running dry. It's not so much losing to the White Hart Lane dullards it's throwing away a two goal lead on a day when going top of the league was a reasonable expectation. A day where Arsenal could have laid down a marker that said "we mean business".
We stumbled yet again and one begins to wonder if this golden generation have got what it takes to take their place in Arsenal's hall of fame. I think the answer is no. I also think that the writing has been on Arsene's wall for a time, and now it's in bold letters.
I can't under play how annoying it is to lose to Sp*rs but it's more about fluffing our lines in a performance that would  and should have seen us on top of the table tonight.
I really feel (knee jerkism aside) that Wenger's days are numbered as he has become a perennial also ran. Discussion on who you want as manager and would things be better is redundant; a change has to come, and I don't feel that this set of players that Arsene puts so much faith in have got what it takes.
We don't want to end up like Liverpool; all tradition but a league title decades ago.
It really is that serious.
can't stand losing

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  1. I have resisted turning on Wenger out of loyalty but that's misplaced. The club comes first. I think he's been given enough time now, it's not working and hasn't been for a few years. Arsenal will want to stick to their 'business model' as that has been working. Given that, anyone who came in would have to work under the same fiscal constraints as Wenger, It's all very well they keep saying there's money to spend - the truth however, is that they're loath to spend it. In terms of playing staff I don't feel we're that far off - it's an aptitude/attitude problem causing us to fail at crucial times... Bouldy anyone?


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