Wednesday, 17 November 2010

international footbal, huhh, whayt is it good for? absolutely nothing!

So pre- international anxiety sets in. Arsenal have a plethora of players turning out for their countries in a number of meaningless friendlies at the worst time of a fixture saturated season. They are opportunities for Arsenal players to become crash test dummies.

It's almost as if FIFA have gone "oh Arsenal are doing okay, let's give their cut glass crystal boned players a chance to go back to the treatment table."

The thought of Keiron Gibbs and RVP in particular ending up the proverbial two steps back, fills me with terror (ok maybe not terror, more like mild trepidation).

Quite honestly I get fed up after game upon game of International football that inflicts injury upon injury on our squad. I know it's not just us but I honestly believe that every Arsenal fan believes that until the final whistles blow around the world there is that nagging feeling that Van Persie is on a stretcher, or that Gibbs is hobbling down the tunnel or that Walcott Nasri and Sagna are involved in a three way collision leaving them all with fractured metatarsals and  dislocated shoulders.

I see these matches as the equivalent of Jockey's carrying extra weight. They hamper Arsenal as they seem to inevitably end up with a queue at the Arsenal doctor's door.

Let's hope that tonight goes smoothly ie RED cards for all our players in the first five minutes!
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