Thursday, 11 November 2010

Match of the Daze

Yet again the Northern centric MOTD leaves us Arsenal fans waiting for the highlights of what was clearly the most entertaining of tonight’s matches. We had the turgid Manc derby low lights followed by the predictable home win at Stamford Bilge the dull Newcastle Blackburn Villa Blackpool double header and a reminder from Mr Walkers Crisps that Football focus was on Saturdays, as it has been for umpteen years.

The game itself? Well, Mick McCarthy’s assertion that Wolves were the better side seems misguided at best given the highlights shown. Arsenal seemed to have as many, if not more chances than the boys in Gold.

Chamakh’s goals that topped and tailed the game were examples of good clean finishing and over all I feel he has been a success. Fabianski also made a couple of very decent saves. The fact is while he may be error prone in much the same way as Almunia, he will also pull off a great save; something Almunia doesn’t do. That and the fact that Fabianski is making progress. And let’s face it he’s the number one until January at least. Probably longer as I can’t see a new keeper arriving through the January crack in the window.

A good three points then, particularly in light of the aforementioned bore draw at Eastlands. That’s what it is about sometimes; going away on a cold winter evening and coming back with the three points, no injuries and no red cards and a bit of good fortune here and there.

Final word and it’s on the subject of Red cards. Fabregas’ challenge was in front of the assistant, whose opinion the Ref sought and gave the colour card he felt appropriate, simple as. But the insipid MOTD panel don’t let the facts stand in the way of a good story. Barton, the unreconstituted thug and general bad egg punches a fellow pro and it is described as a ‘red mist’ moment. I know what I think is more serious.

Three points, job done, Sunday lunch Toffee beckons.

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