Thursday, 11 November 2010

Match of the Daze 2

Following on from yesterdays post, I never thought i would say this , but after lasts night's Match of the day final straw; I agree with Stan Collymore!

'If MOTD isn't a debate show and just a highlight reel, then why have pundits at all?
'It's a lazy show that doesn't provoke debate in our game and just says, "We've been there and done it and we don't have to do anything but sit here and dole out clichés".

'MOTD just looks like a golfing clique who have a passing interest in football, and that can't be right?'
“Shake it up someone, please”-Stan Collymore on MOTD

this would definitely improve the show

A footnote:
Yes I’m moaning about MOTD, but Wolves v Arsenal could only be viewed by going to Molineux or by watching highlights on MOTD, therefore I had no option but to wait up to see the condensed version. I make it a general rule not to watch it as it has little relation to the actual game it covers and the ‘pundits are extremely annoying. Being a supporter of a London based team is always reason in itself not to watch this Northern biased nonsense.

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