Monday, 26 March 2012

They are THE Arsenal

'This is The Arseanl way boys'

Seven wins in a row has propelled Arsenal to the heady heights of third place with a three point gap between us and the fourth placed side and an eight point gap between ourselves and the fifth & sixth place sides. This is a great achievement in anyone’s books, but the job is not over; it’s far from over. Where and how we finish the season will have a tremendous impact on next season. In terms of keeping players, attracting players and giving The Club a lift and a positive outlook for the future. What these seven games have already taught us is that these guys have more character than we thought; that this group of players are created in their own image. They look like a team. For the last few years there has been blandness in our team, a detachment between the players and the supporters.
The likes of Almunia, Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner etc always (to me anyway) gave the impression that they weren’t ever that bothered, weren’t ever that ‘Arsenal’.

This lot have made that connection. Although not as talented as the Invincibles there is a bit of that character and rapport with this new set. I honestly believe that the younger players now are far, far better than the preceding batch. Wilshire, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Szcezny, Oxlade-Chamerlaine, Coquelin, Frimpong have all shown that they have more about them and seem to ‘get’ The Arsenal vibe.

To finish with a place secured in the Champions League (hopefully without a qualifying round) would be remarkable given our start, injuries and self imposed limitations. To finish behind City & United, with all their resources would also give our squad belief looking forward. 2012/13 season is a key one; it was always going to be as Wenger’s contract expires in 2014. But I’m not talking of matters Wenger today I’m thinking that we may have found a set of players that are the real deal. I don’t believe in divine rights to trophies; of course I yearn for Arsenal to bring home a shiny cup, but I believe in my team working hard, giving their best and making us proud; This lot are doing that, this lot are winning the supporters over and we are getting right behind them and this lot are part of what THE Arsenal is all about. maybe next season they will be ready to take their place in Arsenal's glorious history.

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