Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Everton V Arsenal; the two clubs who have been in the top flight the longest come head to head in a game that is vital to win in order to pile the pressure on the team currently above us in the league. Given that Sp*rs kick of a quarter of an hour before we do, we could find ourselves in an interesting position at the 9:30. Least way we should know what we need to do when news comes in from WHL when their whistle goes. What was once potentially a 13 point deficit could (and I stress could) become a 2 or 1 point advantage to us.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; Everton won’t be easy but that is the nature of the beast. Games like this, though, are when you see character, and if we show the character that has put us into this position in the first place who know? If the opportunity presents itself let's grasp it firmly. The players and the fans can’t concern themselves too much with events in Tottenham but, be honest, we will all have one ear open for updates.

I feel I need to mention the events of Saturday night. A lot has been said so I’ll keep it simple.Out of the tragic circumstances the response and goodwill showed that positive and caring people are out there; something we overlook too often.

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