Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Out but not down

It would be churlish to talk of the referee's inadequacies or the Milan players inability to stay upright. It would be negative to ponder Arsenal's poor performance in the first leg or discuss our lack of depth when it came to effecting change from the bench last night. No, let's revel in a blistering first half performance that saw the Gunners throw the kitchen sink at the Italian champions and give us a 3-0 victory. You couldn't ask for more from the players last night and the Emirates faithful once again played our part as the twelfth man. 15 goals in the last three home games and an exit from the ECL that leaves the Arsenal covered in glory have seen this group of players turn a corner. We've seen heart,character and just plain obduracy that has propelled us right back into the mix for third spot. Leaving the Emirates last night I was buoyed by the positivity that swirled around the local environs. I paused in the Tollington and purchased a copy of So Paddy Got Up and read the first chapter on the journey home. The words of Arseblogger about why we support this great club resonated on a night that kind of summed up what being an Arsenal supporter is all about. Good old Arsenal. 

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