Tuesday, 13 March 2012


let's get dystopian
That's what we are being in our pursuit of the third spot that guarantees Champions League Football. The place that is reserved for London's top club. By reducing a potential 13 pt deficit to a gap of 1 pt is remarkable.It's almost machine like; Terminator-esque. Last night we were relentless in our pursuit of those valuable three points. The team spirit was evident and our rapid response to Newcastle's opening, badly and embarrassingly celebrated, goal, was swift and beautiful. Theo, Tomas, and the rest of the boys put in another all action performance. You sense that now, finally, this lot want it; they want it badly.Late goals and overturning leads is now our stock in trade. Whatever happens, however the chips may fall, if those fellahs in Red & White, or two shades of blue or Yellow for that matter, give this level of performance I for one won't complain. It's imperative that we finish the season strongly. Then we can take stock in the summer and look forward. Right now it is literally,to quote that oft used Footballing cliche,a case of taking one game at a time. With this team spirit we currently have we are in with a shout. 

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