Saturday, 10 March 2012


Bob Wilson appeared on the radio during the week, as ever Bob was as erudite as always. He talked about the current state of play at The Arsenal and was intelligent and informed. We all know Bob for his amazing charitable work; primarily for the Willows Foundation and we all know Bob for his exploits in the Arsenal goalmouth; no gloves, rolled up sleeves diving fearlessly at the feet of attackers.
Which got me to thinking about the team in and around the 1971 Double side; this team were, for me, the quintessential Arsenal team. A team that define what the Arsenal are all about. Frank defined what an Arsenal Captain should be he leadthese guys through battle week in week out and still defends them to this day in corporate boxes, TV studios and Radio stations.
Dogged, gritty, full of character, a bit of flair dotted about, not opposed to having a drink and a tear up a team that would win against the odds and make their own bit of history. Taking the title at WHL overcoming Liverpool in an unforgettable final tasting defeat and prevailing in Europe. Each and every one a Mensch.
For all this great club’s history there is something about Frank, Bob, Charlie, George, Ray, Peter et al that says
‘We are the Arsenal’

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