Saturday, 4 February 2012


I've used a lot of words this week when talking about The Arsenal so today I'm keeping it succinct; no smart euphemisms or clever word play, just some blunt opinions and like all opinions, they come in different flavours .

Why are we struggling and look unlikely to finish in a Champions League spot any time soon? Why have we declined and faltered? Have a look at the squad


Almunia-more shocking


Park-not trusted to play/not ready?

Chamakh-can’t score


Diaby-always injured



Rosicky-best days long gone

Benayoun-bit parter

Eastmond-god knows

Denilson-still paying him; he’s awful

Gibbs-injury prone

Arshavin-does he even want to be here?

Miyachi-on loan. Why?is he or isn't he up to it

Frimpong-on loan. Why? is he any less effective than anyone else

These players alone are not to be relied upon for the course of a season or are nowhere good enough. This leaves a first XI that I would argue only 3 at most would get into the starting line up of the big clubs, one or two young hopefuls and some reasonable, but not great players.

It’s a terrible squad. That’s all there is to it. The where’s and whys are for those with more information than I

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