Saturday, 18 February 2012


Tonight we go forth to compete for the one trophy available to provide a tonic fopr an unhealthy season, and I for one will be willing us on to beat Sunderland for the second time this week. In terms of Arsenal’s current state of health it is clear that antibiotics, alternative therapies and rest are not working it’s now time for major surgery.

I contend that a realistic scalpel needs to be applied and the following squad members removed

Arshavin-those 4 goals at Anfield seem a distant memory
Bendtner & Denilson-one foot out the door already, let’s slam that door behind them
Squilacci-simply not good enough
Almunia-No present let alone future
Fabianski-cannot be relied upon therefore why continue with him
Chamakh-forgotten how to score goals and on the margins
Park-not trusted by Wenger, so little point in retaining him
Djorou-Just signed a new contract so may get a few quid for him

When you look at some of these players it is mystifying as to why they are still receiving wages from Arsenal; perhaps the truth is no one wants to buy them. That’s an indictment, as there was a time when Arsenal players were much sought after.

Then there are the unknown quantities Eisfeld & Miyachi; no one knows what these guys are like. There are other players for whom opinions are split for one reason or another, Walcott, Rosicky, Benayoun and Gibbs

Obviously it is unrealistic to impose wholesale changes and it would be an acknowledgement that there is a problem should a large number of players leave. I believe that there are a number of Squad members who have either shown enough or have shown potential that can be a core squad that with the right quality of additions can begin a recovery process.

RVP, Wilshire, Arteta, Ramsey Szczesny, Vermaelan, Koscielny, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlaine, Santos, Jenkinson, Song, Sagna, Mertersacker, Gervinho, Miguel. That’s virtually half a squad; that’s the level of the problem.

Let’s also be realistic in saying that, with the exception of RVP these players are not  ‘world class’ on a proven consistent level but I feel they can certainly give some body to a squad that has the requisite quality and character added.

This summer needs to see big changes that are added to in January and again in the summer of 2013 that’s the length of time needed to reinstate Arsenal at the top table I believe. But to make those changes it needs the Manager and the board to recognise the nature of the problem and sign the consent form for the surgeons to start their work on saving the patient.

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  1. On the whole I would agree with your comments, the squad has become stagnant and there is too many players who on the whole are just average, even the likes of Saha and yakubu would have been a welcome addition to the threadbare squad, on the goalkeeping I would have fancied a punt of mgregor of rangers, a better back up than the afore mentioned two sub standard keepers!


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